Wisely’s Top 5 Fundraising Trends for 2022


Wisely's Top 5 Fundraising Trends for 2022
Wisely’s Top 5 Fundraising Trends for 2022

This week we bring to you Wisely’s Top 5 Fundraising Trends – it’s hard to believe we’re nearing the beginning of a new year and the opportunities that will bring. Throughout December we’ll be sharing Wisely’s Top 5 Trends for the coming year that will help your nonprofit succeed and grow revenue. 

To kick off the series, let’s start with Wisely’s Top 5 Fundraising Trends –

1. Artificial Intelligence 

Artificial intelligence has so many uses for nonprofits from automating marketing to providing data insights about your donors. AI allows nonprofits to unlock more, more insights, more features, more revenue, without costing nonprofit staff any additional time!

At Wisely, we know all about the power that AI can give to nonprofits! That’s why we put AI at the core of our fundraising portfolio management software. 

Here are some of the ways nonprofits will use AI in 2022:

  • Automate user journeys to give a personal donor experience to donors at all levels 
  • Unlock fundraising insights, like flagging an at-risk donor before they lapse based on certain behaviour – Wisely can do this for you!
  • Do more with data than ever before without hours spent building and analyzing reports

2. Live Stream

Livestream video content really blew up during the COVID-19 pandemic, in 2020 the livestream sector was up 99% year over year and saw big growth at the start of lockdowns between March and April. This holds second spot in the Top 5 fundraising trends because of its increasing importance. In 2022, nonprofits will be able to leverage livestream video content in two key ways. 

Producing livestream content

Livestream presents an excellent opportunity for nonprofits to share their work – 80% of people prefer to watch a livestream than read a blog post. 

  • Use livestream platforms to share video content 
  • Create a special real-time experience for donors 
  • Show behind the scenes content live and take questions
Partner with livestream content creators

Nonprofits can partner with influencers who specialize in livestream content to reach new audiences and raise revenue. 

  • 54% of livestream content is gaming and e-sports, these content creators are the pioneers of livestream media
  • Charity fundraisers are very prominent in the livestream community and can raise a lot of money for nonprofits 
  • Livestream content creators have a captive and engaged audience to amplify your nonprofit’s reach

3. Social Media

In the age of TikTok trends, the most successful social media accounts are authentic and nimble, able to react to and participate in these trends in real time. Engaging social media content creates a connected and passionate audience – which is perfect for fundraising! 

Nonprofits will need to develop their social media persona to be more than a “bland organization” and create a personal and engaging brand voice. This is easier said than done when staff resources are in short supply! 

Hopeful, the latest addition to the Wisely family, can help. Hopeful helps your nonprofit create engaging social media content and monitor performance. It’s built specifically with fundraising in mind, with features designed to generate revenue so your nonprofit can get more return on investment from your social media strategy. 

4. Video Content

If you’ve been online recently then it’s no secret that online video content is bigger than ever before, especially with the rise of platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels. Video is one of the fundraising trends that’s here to stay. It’s been hot for over 2 years and it continues it’s climb in popularity. 

Here are some video stats to show you just how important video is going to be in 2022:

Nonprofits can use video to build a connection with donors and supporters – which is so important for increasing revenue and building strong relationships. Video can really show your nonprofit’s mission in action and create an emotional connection. 

5. Hybrid Event Models 

In May of 2021 a survey showed that 52% of Canadians were anxious about returning to normal after COVID-19.  As we continue to move through the COVID-19 pandemic and get back to “normal”, nonprofits will need to keep in mind that people have different comfort levels when it comes to large in-person gatherings like events and hybrid models give us the flexibility to pivot to accommodate varying comfort levels. 

Fundraisers know that events are not just about the revenue that comes in on the big day, it’s the opportunity to build stronger relationships with attendees that lead to greater support in the future. In 2022, events will need to work a little harder to deliver this connection to all attendees, both those in-person, and those online. 

That’s a wrap on Wisely’s Top 5 Fundraising Trends for 2022, stay tuned throughout December because we’ll be sharing more Wisely’s Top 5 posts to help your nonprofit raise more money! 

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