Protecting Your Data

In our society today, your data is your whole life, rendered digitally – and we understand how critically important it is. Therefore, we work hard to maintain the safety of your data and hold ourselves to the strictest standards of data ethics.

Our Best-Practice Security

Wisely’s infrastructure and all its applications were created with the inclusion of industry-standard security measures. Our expert data-security team continuously monitors all our systems to ensure our protection from any data vulnerability. Mission-critical systems are secured behind layers of security including firewalls, authentication points and segregated networks.

Your information is also secure as it moves into and within our system. All transmissions are encrypted using industry-standard SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), which establishes an encrypted link between our servers and your web browser. And data within our private system is encrypted and accessible only by “need to know” authorized employees.

Control Your Data

Finally, we agree that your data is yours – not ours. You control all your data with Wisely and can change or delete it at your convenience. You also control what is transmitted to our system. Finally, we never share your data with customers, or sell your data to any third parties. This would be a breach of your trust.

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