Frequently Asked Questions

Browse our FAQ to learn more about Wisely and how you can improve fundraising in your organization.

  • What is Wisely?

    Wisely is an innovative approach to not-for-profit fundraising.

    We provide a friendly platform, machine-learning analytics, and round-the-clock support that helps not-for-profit fundraising teams perfect their relationship-based fundraising. We help fundraisers, advancement staff, and major gifts officers increase their annual fundraising by at least 10%.

  • Why work with Wisely?

    We started Wisely because we think fundraisers deserve better.

    Why? We’ve spent years working with fundraisers passionate about changing the world. Yet somehow, while changing the world for the better, not-for-profits have been told to “make do.” Make do with old technology. Make do with overwhelming process. Make do with inefficient tools.

    We want to help, not penalize you, for wanting to do meaningful work. You should be supported. You deserve better.

  • How does it work?

    Wisely starts with your existing CRM, and sorts your donor data into easily, digestible information.

    We use machine learning algorithms to answer in real time the important questions for your organization; Which of your donors appear to be ideal candidates for giving? What’s the ideal ask amount for the donation? When is the right time to make that ask?

    Our dashboard also shows every fundraiser their schedule for the day, the tasks needed to complete that week, and how close they are to their fundraising goal.

  • What is machine learning and how does it work in Wisely?

    An easy way to think about machine learning is that it’s a tool to quickly and cheaply make useful predictions. Traditional analytics relies on continually building new models that reflect the addition of new data. This process is often slow and costly.

    You might have heard about machine learning if you’ve read about advancements in artificial intelligence or AI. Machine learning is the technology that underpins AI. In other industries, it’s been used to do things like fight spam, detect malware or prevent money laundering.

    As soon as we saw the effectiveness and efficiency machine learning brought to other sectors, we wanted to offer these tools to the not-for-profit sector. Now you can easily access information like knowing your organization’s giving patterns, or a donor’s propensity to give.

    “AI” can sound scary, but we swear this won’t lead to a robotic uprising!

  • Who is Wisely for?

    Our goal is to bring the value of machine learning and AI to every part of the not-for-profit sector. We’ve built tools for fundraisers to make it easy to raise more money by engaging the right donors with the right outreach, at the right time.

    Fundraisers are able to easily manage their portfolios, find all relevant information about their prospects, track their fundraising targets and activities, and receive prompts about their next best actionable activity.

    Managers can quickly and easily get a snapshot of the best donors to target, their team’s progress (as a group and/or as individuals) and know how to best support their donors.

  • How will Wisely help me/my organization?

    Wisely helps maximize the hours in your day by letting you know where to focus your time:

    • Machine learning insights help build forecast with greater accuracy, which means you can better predict your revenue streams.
    • Our interface is intuitive and easy to learn, helping new fundraisers get up and running quickly.
    • Wisely helps fundraisers make informed decisions about which donors to solicit and the optimal ask amount for each one.
    • Prompts for suggested activities and next steps empower fundraisers to cultivate their portfolio independently, leaving managers free to tackle other tasks.
  • But, I already have a CRM!

    Great! You need one to use Wisely 😊

    Wisely integrates with the existing data in your CRM and makes it easier to sort through. Changes made in Wisely are made automatically in your CRM and vice versa.

  • What if we don’t have a dedicated fundraiser in our organization?

    Wisely makes it even easier for teams without dedicated fundraisers to ensure that everyone is working with the same information and not over-soliciting donors. With all your information in one place, your whole team has all the details they need about the most recent engagement with each donor.

  • How can I get started with using Wisely?

    Sign up for a demo of Wisely today and a member of our team will walk you through the entire process!

    Wisely was designed to be user-friendly with a minimal learning curve. The initial onboarding takes about a week and our friendly support team will be on hand for any questions or issues you have.

  • How much will this cost?

    Wisely has very straightforward pricing on a per-user basis. Email us at to see if your organization qualifies for special pricing.

  • I want to learn more, but I’m not ready to commit to anything. Can I book a demo?

    We’d be delighted to show you how Wisely works. We promise a no-pressure demo! We’ll show you how we can directly help fundraisers and managers in your organization to be successful. Book a demo by clicking this link.