Wisely vs. Excel: How Using Wisely Makes Fundraising Easier and More Efficient

Wisely Vs Excel | Accelerate Your Fundraising with Wisely
Wisely Vs Excel | Accelerate Your Fundraising with Wisely

Your fundraising team is full of brilliant, top-performing fundraisers, but is your technology helping or hindering your efforts? Too many fundraising teams use Excel and manual processes to manage their fundraising portfolios when nonprofit fundraising software like Wisely can make fundraising easier and more effective. 

In this previous post, we talked about managing a fundraising team through change to adopt nonprofit software. In this post, we’re going to dig even deeper into how Wisely nonprofit fundraising software can make your fundraising easier and more effective.

Why use Wisely’s AI-powered fundraising software 

Fundraising teams often work in Excel to track and manage their fundraising portfolios. For a while, Excel was one of the best tools for this and it’s easy to stick with what we’re accustomed to. But using Excel to manage your fundraising portfolio instead of a nonprofit fundraising software like Wisely can actually hinder your fundraising efforts. 

Using Excel to manage your fundraising portfolio causes unnecessary manual work, a lack of insights, and may cause your fundraising team to miss important milestones in a donor’s journey. 

Wisely fundraising software can help your fundraising team

    • Identify more prospects using artificial intelligence to find the best-unassigned prospects from your database.
    • Foster deeper donor relationships because your fundraising team can spend more time building relationships and less time looking at spreadsheets!
    • Manage your fundraising portfolio by giving insight into when, and how much a donor will give, helping you plan more effectively and create a process-driven solicitation cycle. 

Here are the benefits of using Wisely nonprofit fundraising software for your fundraising team over makeshift fundraising solutions like Excel spreadsheets. 

Wisely Vs Excel | Why you should use Wisely instead of Excel
Why you should use Wisely to manage your donor database

Centralize your fundraising data

When a fundraising team is using a program like Excel to manage their fundraising portfolios, it can cause an issue with the data not being held in a centralized place. Even if the spreadsheet is saved in a shared folder, fundraisers can download their own copy to add additional notes. What’s more, Excel doesn’t integrate with your nonprofit CRM. Wisely integrates with Raisers Edge NXT, DonorPerfect, and Silent Partner Software, making the fundraising journey efficient and effective. 

Wisely nonprofit fundraising software solves these issues by centralizing your data in one place where your whole fundraising team can access it easily. 

  • Centralized data means there’s no need to send around updated spreadsheets or wait for someone to close the shared file until you can use it. Everyone on your fundraising team gets the most up-to-date information whenever they need it! 
  • Access from anywhere is perfect for fundraisers who are working from home, or if you need to check a donor’s information while you’re away from the office for a meeting. 
  • Top-notch security offered by Wisely nonprofit fundraising software keeps your fundraising team’s donor data safe.

Leverage Automation and AI

A huge advantage of using nonprofit fundraising software like Wisely over Excel or other manual platforms is, your fundraising team can leverage automation and artificial intelligence (AI). Leveraging automation and AI with nonprofit fundraising software will save your fundraising team time, giving them more opportunity to meet with donors and become top-performing fundraisers. 

Here’s how Wisely uses AI to help your team fundraise smarter, and automates processes to save you time:

  • Find new, high-quality prospects efficiently without running manual exports and queries.
  • The right ask at the right time thanks to AI insights your fundraising team will know when a donor is ready to give and how much to ask for. 
  • Automated reports and dashboards so you’ll always know how your fundraising team is performing without having to run manual reports and update Excel sheets.
  • Easily execute best practice fundraising moves management without the guesswork and without missing a single step. 

Moves management that future-proofs your fundraising and survives fundraiser turnover

Wisely nonprofit fundraising software can manage donor journeys and moves management strategy across multiple team members and departments. Wisely donor journeys ensure that fundraisers know what to do at every step of a donor’s life cycle, which means they can focus more time on relationship building.

Not only is this important for your donors so they get the right ask at the right time and feel valued by your organization, it’s also important for your overall fundraising moves management strategy. Using a centralized software like Wisely ensures your moves management strategy will survive staff turnover.

Wisely nonprofit software can future-proof your fundraising program by

  • Applying moves management best practices to your nonprofit to create a consistent and scalable fundraising program.
  • Creating donor life cycles that drive predictable revenue by providing insight on when and how much a donor will give. 
  • Centralized donor journeys that survive fundraiser turnover because everything is stored in Wisely and can be accessed by new hires for an easy transition from one fundraiser to another. 

We discussed a lot today about how Wisely nonprofit fundraising software can help your fundraising team become top-performing fundraisers by making fundraising easier and more effective and managing your fundraising portfolio. 

Browse through our blog to learn more about fundraising portfolios, what they are, why you need one, and how to use Wisely to build a fundraising portfolio that will take your fundraising to the next level. 

Interested to find out how Wisely will help your fundraising efforts? Sign up for your FREE trial today!


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