Effective Portfolio Management

Visualizing a donor portfolio enables a fundraiser to understand and adopt a process driven solicitation life-cycle, creating predictable and repeatable revenue.

Following moves management best practices, gift officers know what to do with every donor at every stage allowing for a consistent and scalable approach to fundraising.

Better Donor Relationships

Fundraisers are relationship experts. Wisely enables them to spend more time with donors so they can do what they do best - secure gifts that advance your mission.

Wisely’s prediction engine helps fundraisers engage with the right donors at the right time by providing insight on when and how much, a donor will give.

With the right information, a gift officer has the confidence to ask a donor for the right gift at the right time.

Identify More Prospects

Elevate your research team by taking the guesswork out of finding prospects. Wisely uses Artificial Intelligence to identify your next prospects.

Every single day Wisely mines your database to identify the best unassigned prospects for your researchers to look into.

Fundraiser portfolios are kept fresh and with the one-click prospect assignment tool.