How to Manage Your Fundraising Portfolio Wisely

Manage your Fundraising Portfolio Wisely

In the previous post, we went over the top four reasons you need a fundraising portfolio to manage your revenue development program. But as we’ve seen not all fundraising portfolio management tools are equal in the efficiencies they can offer your nonprofit. 

Wisely AI-powered nonprofit fundraising software helps you manage your fundraising portfolio efficiently and unlocks new insights for your fundraising team using AI and best practice-driven moves management strategy. 

Today, we’ll go over the ways that Wisely nonprofit fundraising software can help you and your fundraising team unlock more revenue and exceed your goals.

Identify and Manage Prospects

Wisely can help you manage your prospects and identify new ones. And Wisely doesn’t just find more prospects for your fundraising team, but better prospects!

Manage Prospects 

When you find a new prospect for your fundraising team to cultivate, add them to your fundraising portfolio in Wisely. Wisely’s moves management strategy will help fundraisers build a relationship with this donor.

Prospect records in Wisely contain all the information you need to record for your prospective donors and also include tools like prospect ratings, estimated ask amounts, and due dates to help your team plan and reach revenue goals. Wisely will help you build a relationship with your prospects and help your fundraisers convert them to donors! 

Identify Prospects

Wisely can also help your fundraising team identify prospects straight from your nonprofit’s database using artificial intelligence (AI). Once Wisely identifies a new prospect it’s easy to add them to your fundraising portfolio and assign them to a member of your fundraising team.

Using Wisely to find prospects from within your database takes the guesswork out of prospect research. AI insights from Wisely will also help your fundraising team decide on the best solicitation strategy for each prospect. 

Wisely Prospecting Tool

Build Donor Relationships

Fundraising isn’t as simple as asking for money and receiving big cheques, it’s about building strong and meaningful donor relationships. Getting to know your donors and understanding why your nonprofit’s mission is important to them is key to raising more money. 

Wisely’s donor journeys are designed with moves management best practices in mind and take the guesswork out of building relationships with your donors and prospects. Wisely will remind your fundraising team of important next steps and prompt action at every stage of the donor lifecycle for consistent relationship building that leads to donations. 

Solicitation and Revenue Tracking

Managing your fundraising portfolio with Wisely makes it easy to track realized and expected revenue, and plan to reach your fundraising goals. AI insights and moves management strategy helps you make the right ask at the right time. 

Wisely will let you know when your donors and prospects are ready to give and how much. This predictive revenue model will help you track progress towards your revenue goal for the year so your fundraising team can focus their efforts on the right donors. 

You can also use your fundraising portfolio to track pledges and expected revenue so your fundraising team isn’t in the dark on their expected revenue numbers. This is valuable information as many donors choose to make their gifts over multiple years, or at certain times in the year. 

Steward Donors

After a donor makes a gift to your nonprofit it’s time to steward them so they feel appreciated and informed about their impact. Unfortunately, stewardship is something that can fall to the back burner for resource-strapped fundraising teams who are focusing on meeting their revenue goals. 

With Wisely, stewardship is a part of the best practice-driven moves management strategy that you have at your fingertips to manage your fundraising portfolio. Your team will never miss an important stewardship moment or opportunity to deepen a donor relationship with Wisely’s donor lifecycle journeys. And Wisely’s AI insights will tell you when this donor is ready to make a second gift!

All Your Donor Data, in One Secure Location

Last but definitely not least, the most important way that Wisely nonprofit fundraising software helps you manage your fundraising portfolio is by keeping all of this information in one centralized place! This makes it easy for your whole fundraising team to access the information they need when they need it.

Manage your Fundraising Portfolio Wisely. Contact us today 🙂

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