5 Ways to Build a Relationship with New #GivingTuesday Donors

Wisely | Build a Relationship with New #GivingTuesday Donors
Wisely | Build a Relationship with New #GivingTuesday Donors

Last week on #WiserWithWisely we discussed how to run a #GivingTuesday campaign for mid-level donors. This week, we’ll talk about building a relationship  with the new #GivingTuesday donors that came through your campaign 🙂 

When your nonprofit executes a #GivingTuesday campaign, it can bring you a wider reach, which means you may see more new donors coming in than usual. This group of new donors can include higher value mid-level donors.

You and your fundraising team will need to build a relationship with these new mid-level #GivingTuesday donors to ensure future giving. The best time to get to know a new mid-level donor is right after they’ve made a gift. 

We are discussing 5 practical ways to build a relationship with your new #GivingTuesday donors. 

1. Assign a Relationship Manager for #GivingTuesday Donors

The first step you need to take to build a relationship with your new #GivingTuesday donors is to assign a relationship manager. This will ensure that someone is responsible for cultivating that relationship and stewarding those donors, this way no one will fall through the cracks!

Assign a relationship manager in your fundraising portfolio so that person is alerted to the new donor and receives all of their information. If you’re using Wisely it’s really easy to assign new prospects and add them to a fundraiser’s pipeline. 

2. Never Too Early for Stewardship

#GivingTuesday gifts are often made online so your new mid-level donors probably already received an automated thank you email with their tax receipt. But to build a relationship with these donors their relationship manager should reach out to acknowledge the donation personally. 

For mid-level donors who you want to build a relationship with and offer a more personal experience, follow these quick tips: 

  • Make a thank you call
  • Send a handwritten thank you card
  • Reach out with a personal thank you email

You can use stewardship as an opportunity to introduce yourself and your organization. Personal stewardship is a great way to start getting to know these new mid-level Giving Tuesday donors. 

3. Mail a Welcome Package

Sending a welcome package lets your new mid-level donors know that they’re part of an exclusive group of supporters at your nonprofit, it’s a great way to offer a VIP experience. 

Here are a few ideas for your mid-level donor welcome package:

  • Share details about your nonprofit’s mission and programs
  • Include a special letter from your nonprofit’s CEO or another senior staff member
  • Advertise any perks that are exclusive to mid-level donors like a special newsletter or events throughout the year

It’s a good idea to include their relationship manager’s direct contact information so they can reach out personally if they have any questions. A direct contact is an easy way to make mid-level donors feel special, and if they reach out it gives that fundraising more opportunities to cultivate a relationship. 

4. Have a New #GivingTuesday Donor Welcome Series

Your #GivingTuesdaydonors may not know that much about your nonprofit and an email welcome series can introduce them to your mission, key programs, and senior staff members. 

The goal of a new donor welcome series is to warm new #GivingTuesday donors up to your nonprofits communications before you add them into your regular stream of email communications. A welcome series should be between three and five emails spaced out over a two to three week period after a donation. 

Include the following messages in your welcome series: 

  • Thank donors for their recent gift 
  • Include the contact information for their relationship manager
  • Brand the email template with the mid-level program logo, if you have one
  • Send emails with different staff members as signatories so your new donors are “meeting” all of your key leadership team members

5. Engage with Donors Outside of Donating

During the cultivation and stewardship stage for new #GivingTuesday donors you’re trying to build the relationship so you can secure a second gift. Until these donors are ready to make a second gift, bring them closer by engaging them in other areas of your mission. 

  • Share advocacy campaigns that donors can be involved in like signing a petition or writing a letter to a government representative 
  • Forward updates about new programs
  • Send impact information like outcome statistics and success stories 

In some cases you could even encourage your new #GivingTuesday donors to set up a peer-to-peer fundraiser through your nonprofit website, or on Facebook, if they are interested in raising money on your behalf. 

Here at Wisely, we’re passionate about helping fundraisers raise more money by cultivating strong donor relationships. We hope that these tips help your fundraising team make the most of #GivingTuesday and build relationships that last beyond one campaign! 

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